I have been quite vocal on my thoughts and passion regarding the NFL, the 49ers organization, and CK…kneeling for the American Anthem! I didn’t watch one of their games last year. I was a 9er fan for decades. I was furious. I was sad. I was disgusted.

As a young woman back in the 70’s, then living in MI, I was a Raider fan…when the Snake was QB. When the love of the game was evident, even with the players. I don’t recall why I switched in 79/80…but I did.

Fast forward. Most players want fame now…good or bad. Assaults. Drug use. More money, etc. As long as their faces are in the news and across social media. It appears they have forgotten their job.

The reason I’m writing this today is two-fold. Yesterday I had an amazing conversation with my son. We both have the same beliefs. That being, we believe in Jesus and His second coming. We believe He wants us to be in the world to show the love of Christ. He also knows my decision to boycott the NFL due to the disrespect they have shown for America. For our Flag. For those who died protecting our Flag. Who come home from war-torn countries with OUR FLAG draped over their coffins. I don’t think they get it. I want them to just play football. I don’t care about their political beliefs…they don’t care about mine. JUST.PLAY.BALL!

This is what he said to me. (My Darlin husband has tried to tell me the same thing). My son stated how much I loved watching football. He stated how I can’tĀ  live my life boycotting and being upset over the things happening in the world, or one day, I’ll have no stores to go in, nothing too watch and will lose my passions. He said we are to live in the world among these same people who are filled with hate, but more importantly I must realize and remind myself, we are not of this world, for our world here on earth is temporary, as we are of the world of Jesus Christ eternal.

He’s right. I loved football. My Darlin and sons are Raider fans. I was outnumbered. But, I stood my ground. Until last year and all the ignorance.

It’s just a game, I tell myself. And, it is. But, it’s also a pasttime during the winter months.

Last week I watched a YouTube video (Below) of the Raiders QB, Derek Carr. He’s a Christian. Always thanking Jesus during interviews. Talks the talk and walks the walk. The video is an amazing testimony about being obedient to Jesus. It gave me chills and tears flowed.

Then, today at church, Pastor Jesse spoke about how he is a die-hard Raider fan, and especially a fan of Carr. I see Darlin glance my way. Seriously, Lord? Are you givingĀ  me permission to let go of my will to boycott, and uphold Your Will? Apparently, yes. I do believe these conversations are a God-incidence.

I think it’s a definite maybe…I’m a renewed Raider fan. I can’t change the way some people disrespect our Flag, I can only choose how I react or not, to them. And when the day comes and Carr is no longer their QB, well I’ll cross the field when that time comes.

Life is too short. It’s time to enjoy it abundantly. I can no longer live my life because of the actions or non-actions of others. Amen?

And…that’s my commentary.

Watch Derek Carr’s amazing testimony of obedience.