Peeling Away The Layers


Layers. We all have them. Layers of doubt. Layers of guilt. Layers of unforgiveness. Layers of pain. Layers so deep within our soul, only God can peel them away. Will you allow Him to do that? Or would you rather continue to weave the tangled web of layers within your world?

Remember doubting Thomas? It didn’t matter how many miracles Jesus performed that Thomas witnessed. He still doubted. Until Jesus was raised in the resurrection and showed himself to the disciples. Jesus showed Thomas, told him to touch the wounds from the crucifixion. That was when Thomas finally believed.

Will it take miracle upon miracle for you to believe that Jesus can and will…if you ask Him—to remove any doubts. Do you doubt your faith? Do you doubt Christ loves you? Do you doubt He is there to guide you along each and every step? I can tell you He will! Allow Him to peel away the layer of doubt holding you back from the riches of joy He promises you in your life.

Have you allowed guilt to creep into your being? Maybe things in your past? Things you may have said and done? Do you know guilt is a lie from the Father of all lies? Satan? Where does feeling guilty get you? Do you feel better because guilt lingers in your heart and mind? Allow Christ to remove the bondage of guilt from your thoughts and emotions. Ask Him to help peel away any guilt from your heart and mind. Trust and believe He will.

Do you have issues with forgiving or being forgiven? Did you know by not forgiving a past hurt—it only wears “you” down? And hurts Jesus? Take it to Him. Again, allow Him to guide you through the steps it takes to forgive and be forgiven. It can eat away at you at an unhealthy level. Even if it means forgiving yourself, it is important to do it. “Forgive as I have forgiven,” says the Lord.

Do you have layers and layers of pain? Physical, mental, spiritual, financial, relationships, addictions?
Jesus wants to help you with those as well. But you must be willing to come to Him with an open heart and mind. Accept Him. He has no ulterior motives. Only to love and care for you. To heal you of the pain you are in. It doesn’t matter how, when, where, what type of pain—he is there to help you.

When you ask Jesus for help, He won’t say you aren’t worthy of His love. He will be blessed to be able to bless you. His love for us runs deeper than any love you will ever know. Because He loved us first.

Don’t be a doubting Thomas. Allow Jesus to peel away the layers. Allow Him to give you a life full of abundant blessings. Take a look around as you walk outside. What do you see? Now take a look inside, there you will find Jesus waiting to begin the peeling and healing process.

Let go and let God remove the layers. Things will get a whole lot clearer.