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Memorial Day is Not Just for Barbeques!

Most people consider this long weekend a time for fun with barbeques, picnics and beer. But do they know the true meaning of why they are celebrating? Do you? For those of us who had or have family and friends

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Morning Glory

Morning Glories My husband threw a bunch of seeds around his little alcove where his barbecue sits because he loves Morning Glories. Not only for the beauty, but because they are colorful and green all-summer-long. And, they cover the telephone

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It’s How You See Things…

We all see things differently. When I saw this scene for myself, in a shallow riverbed—it was breath-taking. I mean, in the middle of a riverbed—beckoning. Irresistible…Serene…Peaceful…Beautiful…Appealing. Didn’t matter how cold the water appeared. After all, it’s in the middle

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Fitting In…Or Not, The Choice is Yours

Writing this wasn’t about woe is me, the pitiful introvert. I’m writing this because I know I’m not alone. And, I want you to know God loves you as you are, exactly where you are in life. He made you perfectly—You! He’s not telling us to “fit in” everywhere we go, but to pray for everyone we meet.

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A New Journey

In a million years the word “retirement” only happened to other people. It wasn’t a word in my vocabulary, until NOW. I’m not ready…so I thought. Thinking…that’s what gets me in so much trouble. Remaining at the same company for

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USA’s Independence Day

  My Throwback Post  I love this country. July 4th is an amazing celebration of our independence. All over the country you will find parades, picnics and firework displays. Patriotic citizens wearing red, white and blue. Decorations adorn homes, fences and

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Deep Down…

Deep Down After my blog about “Purpose” I was thrown into a whirlwind of emotions. Spiritual warfare? Most likely. However, in the midst of my 61 day journey for purpose, I was tossed into an unwelcomed health issue. Not that

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