USFlag  My Throwback Post

 I love this country.

July 4th is an amazing celebration of our independence. All over the country you will find parades, picnics and firework displays. Patriotic citizens wearing red, white and blue. Decorations adorn homes, fences and cars all over the nation.

But some who reside here and especially those within our own government (all government) are out to dissolve the very foundation. “We the People,” are pretty tired of it. “We the People,” want our country back. “We the People,” have that right! They are taking God out and putting ungodly things in the government, in our schools and in our cities.

United States of America


                                                                                            Motto: In God we trust

Anthem: “The Star-Spangled Banner

US Constitution

USA History Constitutional Law  of the United StatesScales


·         Articles

·         Amendments

·         History

·         Judicial review


·         Separation of powers

·         Individual rights

·         Rule of law

·         Federalism

·         Republicanism

Government structure

·         Legislative branch

·         Executive branch

·         Judicial branch

·         State government

Individual rights

·         Freedom of religion

·         Freedom of speech

·         Freedom of the press

·         Freedom of assembly

·         Right to petition

·         Freedom of association

·         Right to keep and bear arms

·         Right to trial by jury

·         Criminal procedural rights

·         Right to privacy

·         Freedom from slavery

·         Due process

·         Equal protection

·         Citizenship

·         Voting rights