Year: 2017

Joyful Holidays? Or No?

Holidays…for most, they are a happy, joyful time. For some, not so much. When I think back on my childhood, each Christmas Eve in our neighborhood, there were about five or so families who would gather at each other’s homes.

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Seasons in Life

What do you think of when you hear the word seasons? Winter, spring, summer or fall? Well, of course. Have you ever pondered seasons of your life? Specifically, people in and throughout? I thought of how people come into and

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NFL–To Boycott or Not to Boycott

I have been quite vocal on my thoughts and passion regarding the NFL, the 49ers organization, and CK…kneeling for the American Anthem! I didn’t watch one of their games last year. I was a 9er fan for decades. I was

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Always Be Prepared

It’s that time of year as you are driving down the freeways, you will see folks in their campers, hauling 5th wheels or packed in SUV’s or even small vehicles, loaded with camping equipment. It’s pretty obvious where they are headed.

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Tune in to God’s Frequency

If you only had one channel to tune in to—tune it to God. A direct frequency to answers, guidance, peace, and unconditional love—no matter what. Never interference—unless it’s coming from you. Doesn’t distort like the father of lies—the enemy, Satan,

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Just Pause

It has been a little over a year since I officially retired. I never knew how wonderful it would be to have so much time on my hands. At first it felt like I was playing hooky. An awkward feeling,

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Again Daddy, Again

Again… Remember as a child saying, “Again, Daddy, again,” when you wanted him to lift you up and twirl you, or dance on his feet or toss you up in the air, knowing and trusting fully he would catch you?

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Memorial Day is Not Just for Barbeques!

Most people consider this long weekend a time for fun with barbeques, picnics and beer. But do they know the true meaning of why they are celebrating? Do you? For those of us who had or have family and friends

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Morning Glory

Morning Glories My husband threw a bunch of seeds around his little alcove where his barbecue sits because he loves Morning Glories. Not only for the beauty, but because they are colorful and green all-summer-long. And, they cover the telephone

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It’s How You See Things…

We all see things differently. When I saw this scene for myself, in a shallow riverbed—it was breath-taking. I mean, in the middle of a riverbed—beckoning. Irresistible…Serene…Peaceful…Beautiful…Appealing. Didn’t matter how cold the water appeared. After all, it’s in the middle

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