If you only had one channel to tune in to—tune it to God. A direct frequency to answers, guidance, peace, and unconditional love—no matter what. Never interference—unless it’s coming from you. Doesn’t distort like the father of lies—the enemy, Satan, who sends forth confusion, guiding your steps towards sin. No! God’s channel is the straight path to truth.

It is a journey filled with hope and abundant living. But, you must listen. Be still. Know He is God and causes good in your life. You must believe—He wants you, right here, right now. He wants your salvation, to live eternal life with Him. This is His promise to ALL who believe He died for all our sins and rose again and is alive in the believer’s heart.

Be ready for the biggest, most spectacular change of your life. God will always keep His communication channel open. He will always be there—arms and ears wide open. Remember though, the channel must be two-way. You must also listen—be still and hear Him, get to know Him. He will guide you through trials and He will also celebrate triumphs—rewarding you abundantly.

Yes, you have a direct line to the Almighty God. A choice I encourage you to choose. Doesn’t cost you a thing—He’s already paid the price.

Look around, the world we once knew, is no longer a place to be without the One who will protect us to the end and guide us home. He will never leave or forsake us. His security line is always there—grab onto it—open the channel to His frequency and keep it open. You won’t be disappointed.

Come as you are, He’s waiting to hear from you.

Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God.