What do you think of when you hear the word seasons? Winter, spring, summer or fall? Well, of course.

Have you ever pondered seasons of your life? Specifically, people in and throughout?

I thought of how people come into and depart from our lives. The reasons for the seasons. Some stay longer than others, even family members come and go.

Friends, for instance, those first ones, maybe from pre-school through Kindergarten. Those awkward moments meeting them, some shy (like me), some not-so-much. Learning to share your precious toys, to become thoughtful, considerate, and respectful of others, as well as their property. Moments hard to understand as a child. I call that the “first growth season.”

They are in your life to learn how to get along with others. What it means to be in a group of different-not-quite-like-me, children. Some of these same children will remain in your life forever—whether close geographically, or not.

Other people you may meet in junior-high. I called this the “Influential season.” Peer pressure is an issue. Wanting to be like the popular, so called, in-crowd, even if they are not the right people to hang with. It’s a time to prove what your character is all about, who you are. This time can be difficult. Choices aren’t exactly easy. It’s when you choose or lose friends. Judging others—others judging you. At times, you observe, if you are wise enough, from the outside and realize the in-crowd isn’t all that. They are more into themselves. They are cliques, sometimes bullies, at that age and they can be cruel, just to save face with their “friends.” Many teens today appear to be worse in those areas. Especially now with the internet. Cyber-bullying and teen suicide is widespread. Picking the right friends is crucial during these years. Knowing who they truly are—those who know you and continue to be there for each other, during awkward seasons of influence—the tween years. We all know how teens know everything and will argue with adults—because you know—adults haven’t lived through teenage years. All of sudden they are thirty!

Then it’s high school. Teachers, evidently know nothing. They are in the classroom to make the student’s life, miserable. Not like they don’t have a degree. Teenagers! While there are some teachers and counselors who go the extra mile, and have the desire to guide and help—it appears rare. They are the ones, for me, I remember. Sports, cheer, some in band, some in gangs, some know where or what they want to be when they graduate, some not-so-much. It’s a tough time now-a-days. This season, I call the “Barely mature season.”

After high school, if you attend college and “if” you know the path you want to take, you are blessed. You have a head on your shoulder and willing to do the work, success will be the reward. In my humble opinion, many of college students aren’t mature enough to be there. They think and act like they are still in high school. They haven’t been taught respect, consideration of others, ethics, or responsibility. I call this, the “Season of confusion, entitlement and ignorance.” One, I hope turns around quick-like. Our future depends on them.

Adulthood. When the people in your life—mentors, advisors, good friends, really good friends, may possibly be there always. When they steer you in the right direction—influence you, are wise, loyal, trustworthy, and they care. You care about them. They are prayer warriors, you can depend on them. We comfort each other. Are comfortable with each other. But, even during these years, people will come and go. Each in your life for a reason. Spouses, children, family and friends. Some are in our lives momentarily, some forever. No selfish reasons for this season. People are like seasons, here for a while and then gone. And if you are fortunate enough—some loved ones stay throughout all. I call this season, “Final seasons of life.”

I’ve been blessed with a handful of people who have stayed around forever—some chose me, I them. For all, I’m grateful. They fill me with joy, happiness, sadness, comfort and love.

I wrote this article as it occurred to me, I really hadn’t thought much about my past in such a way as there really are “seasons” in portions of our lives. We seem to just go through them without a second thought as to who may be in our lives at any given moment. Maybe it will help you to become more aware of these special people God puts in our paths for those times. Or maybe, you can think back and wonder about certain experiences with certain people. Are they still in your life, or were they placed in it momentarily, possibly to get you through a trial? Or a milestone? Food for thought, right?

I pray your journey through seasons of life are filled with miracles and blessings.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 (King James Version)
3:1 To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.